Put Away The Tools

Trust our technicians with convenient and affordable installation.

The Buy It Installed® brand takes the stress out of installation by connecting you with technicians who are ready to install your new purchase.


"Very happy with the install service and top."
- Steve 1/4/2020
"Install was great, couldn't be happier with service and top."
- James 2/3/2020
"The install experience was fantastic! Dany was on time, very professional and I would highly recommend the service to family and friends."
- Kate 1/10/2020
"Technician was professional, knowledgeable and fast. Very pleased with total experience."
- Kelly 2/15/2020
"Install went smoothly - technician was easy to work with - all good."
- Kenneth 1/8/2020
"The install was awesome and the technician was very professional and would use service in future."
- Karen 1/9/2020



    • Convenient Scheduling
    • A certified technician will schedule an appointment at a time that works for you.
    • Upfront Pricing
    • Know the cost before you buy, so there are no surprises.
    • Quality Service
    • Technicians are prescreened and must also complete a certification process to ensure they are qualified to install your new product.
    • Total Happiness Guarantee
    • Rest assured. Every purchase through the Buy It Installed® Button is backed up by a Total Happiness Guarantee. Sign off only when you are completely satisfied with your work.


    • What is included when I click the Buy It Installed® Button?
    • You’ll receive quality installation service from a certified professional technician.
    • How much will service purchased through the Buy It Installed® Button cost?
    • ‍The cost of service for each product is indicated on the product page.
    • How does the process work?
    • Once you purchase a product with installation through the Buy It Installed® Button, we immediately notify our network of certified technicians. A local service provider will be matched to your service order and will call you to schedule a service appointment within 24 hours after your product has shipped. Service providers generally perform installation services between 8 am and 6 pm throughout the week.
    • Who is my Service Provider?
    • We source local technicians that are prescreened and have completed a certification process to ensure they are qualified to install your new product.
    • How can I contact someone about my installation?
    • You can contact Buy It Installed’s customer support team via email at [email protected] or give them a call at (629) 444-2894. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7am – 5pm (PST). We’re always happy to help!
    • How quickly can I expect installation services once I receive my product?
    • This depends on several factors. If you have scheduled installation on or the day after you received your product, the entire process can be completed within 1-2 business days of receiving the product.
    • How should I prepare for my service appointment?
    • In preparation for your appointment, make sure your product has arrived as expected and appears ready for installation. Confirm it is the correct product and no parts are visibly broken. Make sure a person 18 years or older is present for the entire appointment. As a courtesy, and if applicable, please inform your technician prior to the appointment of special parking requirements, such as any “No Parking” days for street sweeping. Please secure any pets away from the service area, both for their safety and the technician's safety.
    • What if my installation requires extra services or parts?
    • Occasionally, additional parts or service work are required for installation. This occurs in an estimated 10 percent or fewer of service appointments. If this happens during the service, your technician will let you know that additional work is required. You will also be notified and informed of the cost of the additional work, if any. You can then decide if you want to proceed with any additional service.
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