Mar 2021

Becoming a Jeep Wrangler owner doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a rite of passage. You salivate over the freedom, the fun and the open-air.

But rolling down windows to inhale fresh air isn’t going to cut it – equipping your Jeep with Bestop® soft tops and accessories will. Hesitating over getting a soft top? It happens. We conquer some common myths the same way we conquer boulders on the trail.


  • MYTH – Soft tops take all day to install. 100% disagree. Take our Bestop® Sunrider for Hardtop. With this flip-back, half-top, it’s a matter of first removing your Freedom Panels. Then you simply install and tighten door rails, the deck assembly, caps and screws, and rear brackets followed by a fast latch. That’s it, a quick 45 minutes out of your day for an entire year of yessssssssss!
  • MYTH – Soft tops are noisier than a hard top. Actually, during several field tests – including one conducted by auto-aficionado Stacey David – the Premium Black Twill material is actually quieter than a hard top.
  • MYTH – Soft tops leak. Again, not true! Over the years Bestop has perfected the engineering of a soft top, so you don’t have to stress over whether water will get on the inside of your vehicle.
  • MYTH – Folding up when rain suddenly comes takes too long. That’s even quicker. It’s a matter of flipping back the soft top from right inside your cab, then closing. Then latching.
  • MYTH – Soft tops are either on or off. There’s no middle ground. Bestop top models like the fastback Trektop or all-new Supertop Ultra (available this summer) can go ‘bikini-style’. This way, everyone sitting in the front soaks in some Vitamin D while the backseat passengers can stay nice and shaded.


  • MYTH – Soft tops are for only hard-core fans. Big misconception here. Soft tops are an everywhere, everyone thing. Mountains. Beaches. Urban jungles. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you go. It only matters that you wake up all five senses to the elements you let in.
  • MYTH – Covers don’t last. They get shredded. Maybe with older prototypes back in the 50’s, but it’s definitely no longer the case. Premium black twill lasts a good decade – maybe longer. In fact, it’s the same fabric that is used in high-end luxury cars and convertibles. And Bestop backs it up with a limited lifetime warranty.


You have all the answers – Now all that’s left is to go find one that’s right for you, and we know just the place. Bestop.com